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Kainalu Designs will create a custom logo design for you that is ready for both web and print.  You’ll receive a minimum of 4 initial concept designs followed by unlimited revisions until you get the logo you want.  Our logos are always unique and customized to meet your requirements and specifications.

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Custom Logo Design

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Custom Logo Design

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Custom Logo Design

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Custom Logo Design

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Once you pick the design you love the most we will make any final revisions you have requested and provide you with the high quality source image.

What is a Logo?

A logo is considered by many to be the identity of any company or organization.  It becomes the symbol and face of your business.  Having a custom logo design helps you to create your brand identity for your business and company.  A logo design can be a combination of words, images, shapes, colors or a specific arrangement of these combinations to create a custom logo design which will provide your business with an unique personality that your customers will associate to your organization.

The design of your logo is a critical aspect of your business marketing strategy.  An effective logo design includes the following elements:


A simply logo design is a attractive logo design.  You do not want your custom logo design to be overly busy or chaotic.  The simpler a logo design is the better.  When done right it will leave an impression in the minds of your customers that they will associate with your business and industry.  If you want to include an object it is recommended to keep it to only one object that is relevant and/or something that your customers will relate to when thinking of your business.  Great examples are the Apple and Nike Logos which are very powerful yet very very simple.

Custom Logo Design - Apple Logo Custom Logo Design - Nike Swoosh

Symmetric and Asymmetric Logo Designs

Symmetric: Clear cut lines and shapes catch the eye.  Our eyes tend to crave completeness and our minds naturally create order out of the things we see.  By definition there is a balanced and harmonious quality inherent in symmetrical logo designs that results in a kind of consistency, order, and stability that we can find in some of the world’s most notable brands.  The Motorola and Mercedes-Benz are good examples:

Custom Logo Design - Motorola Custom Logo Design - Mercedes

Asymmetric: Though symmetry is aesthetically pleasing to the eye and even comforting it can also become predictable and blend in with the thousands of other logos similar to your business.  Asymmetry, by definition, lacks symmetry.  It is characterized by imbalance and disorder which can cause tension and may be unsettling but it can also be profoundly interesting.  YouTube and Virgin are good examples:

Custom Logo Design - YouTubeCustom Logo Design - Virgin Logo

Soothing Colors

Colors are an important part of the custom logo design.  It fundamentally communicates your brand to your customers.  Color association with your brand can make or brake a customer logo design as it has a psychological impact on your customers mind.  Certain colors like purple are generally associated with premium and/or elite brands while the color yellow has been psychologically associated with hunger.  Crown Royal and McDonald’s logos are examples:

Custom Logo Design - Mcdonalds Logo Custom Logo Design - Crown Royal

Minimum Text

Remember, Simple is Attractive.  You want to communicate your message with as few words as possible.  Lots of text in a log can quickly annoy the mind.  So keep it short, keep it simple.


You will always want a clear bold and easy to understand font style that is easy for the mind to recognize and understand.  Some fonts can be quite busy and difficult to read which will make your logo/brand difficult to remember.  Keep it simple.



Why do Small Businesses Need a Logo?

A custom logo design can do wonders for your business.  All businesses large and small will benefit by having a custom logo design that is unique to their individual business allowing your company to establish a lasting brand.  The following are clear cut reasons why you should have a custom logo design:


There are hundreds if not thousands of businesses just like yours.  These businesses are your competition and they may offer identical or somewhat similar services that your business offers your customers.  With strong competition and multiple options to chose from branding is the best strategy to make sure you stand out from the crowd.  A unique custom logo design provides your business with exclusive brand identity in the minds of your existing and future customers.


Your brand is associated with your reputation.  A strong custom logo design makes your business look more professional and trustworthy.  Trust and reputation helps build long lasting relationships with your customers that will keep them coming back to you and recommending your business to their friends and family.


A custom logo design can significantly help turn potential clients into future customers that what to by from you and establish a business relationship.  A strong logo communicates professionalism and confidence in the products and services your company provides.  A custom logo design can communicate to the client what the business is all about so its not just your business identify but also a communications tool.


The single most important reason to have a custom design logo is to stand out from the crowd.  Competition is tough and almost every market is increasingly crowed.  Having a prominent logo can make the difference between your potential customers choosing your services over another competitors.  A carefully selected logo design will help you win more and score better than your competitors.



Custom Logo Design

Custom Logo Design

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